Bee Pollen, Polifloral Organic

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A complete superfood and excellent brain booster, Bee Pollen is considered an essential immune system builder that enhances vitality.

And no wonder, as it's a complete protein, rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and anti-oxidants. A great brain booster, bee pollen lifts brain fatigue, improves alertness and helps concentration and focus.


100% pure, organic Polifloral Bee Pollen

  • Soil Association Certified Organic
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free, GM Free
  • 10% Discount on 300g volume


Sprinkle 1-3 teaspoons of our delicious, honey-scented bee pollen into your favourite smoothie, juice, tea, water, porridge (my favourite), yogurt and beyond!


Not suitable if you're allergic to bee stings, honey or other bee products.

Our organic bee pollen is collected in an area within the unspoilt, beautiful Carpathians mountains, in remote areas of the region well-known as Transylvania.

The Apis melifica bee is used as it has a gentle nature, so beekeepers can work in the bee yards without any protection, each keeper managing around 100 bee colonies.

The pollen is harvested from a large, unpolluted rural area, with a wide variety of fauna, so there is a potential source of 1000 different flowers – as a result, the composition of the pollen, and therefore its properties, can be very variable depending on the season and where it is sourced.

All pollen has general characteristics, determined by the common nutrients and/or active compounds found in it, i.e. carbohydrates, amino acids etc. The specific properties of a pollen are given by active constituents gathered from a specific plant.