Hemp - an astonishing nutrient-rich, functional food


For such a small seed, hemp seed is an astonishing nutrient-rich, functional food for gut health and nutrition, being highly palatable, easily digestible and a safe protein source with a good source of cool energy.

With its unique combination of essential amino and fatty acids, the hemp seed can effectively support joint pain and inflammation, cardiovascular health and skin condition, as well as an important digestive enhancer.

High in fibre, vitamin C, vitamin E and chlorophyll, hemp oil is already well-known for its exceptional fatty-acid profile, supplying a beneficial balanced omega3-6 ratio as well as significant quantities of stearidonic (properties typically associated with fish oils) and linolenic EFA (one of two essential fatty-acids). Studies show that these features have a significant anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory effect, influencing cellular responses and functions in a positive way (PMID: 15120716).

Hemp seed’s also been linked to vitamin D metabolism, thought to optimise calcium and bone metabolism, muscle integrity and other fat-soluble vitamin uptake; recent research suggests it helps improve lower limb muscle strength and lean mass.

Protein levels come in at around 33%, comparable to oil-extracted linseed, with the two main proteins being​ albumin and edestin, both rich in sulphur amino acids, and especially arginine and glutamic acid. The greatest utiliser of protein is the GI tract, which means hemp’s high protein levels and amino acid profile energises the gut lining cells, supporting the muscle wall and thought to help combat endotoxin absorption.

​With a dietary fibre level of 50%, this provides a slow source of energy release. It’s also a useful prebiotic for the fibre-fermenting gut microbes, helping support good fibre digestibility and gut health.

All in all, an amazing little seed. We have a large range of natural hemp products: organic whole hemp seeds, organic hulled hemp seeds (these go in my morning smoothie), organic hemp flour, hemp leaf as a botanical herb and a herbal tea, both culinary and nutritional organic hemp oil, and even hand-made hemp soap!

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Happy hemping ;-)