BotanicalYOU was created from a passion for all-natural solutions for common and chronic health ailments. We all know about the medicinal power of herbs and other elements in nature; the good news is that science now backs much of what's been handed down over the generations.

There's now overwhelming evidence that the natural world can provide us with safe, non-toxic solutions to amazing wellness. It's about lifestyle-based prevention by incorporating plant-based whole foods and herbal phytotherapeutics into our lives. Let's face it, we all know as fact that a healthy diet is a hugely valuable part of a healthy, wonderful lifestyle, and there's a lifestyle change right in front of us that can give us the solution.

Here's to the best of your health 😊

Carol Moreton, Founder

Immunity Aging

- and a little bit about Covid


A healthy immune system is both a detective, scanning the body for potentially threatening invaders, and a first responder, challenging pathogens and killing them off. It’s the gatekeeper for coordinating the body’s entire health and function. Then along comes getting older.

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